Thursday, April 21, 2005


New Blog

There now exists a good number of blogs on the web dealing with the subject of Nanotechnology. These range from the strong Dexlerian view of the foresight Institute, and the Centre for Responsible Nanotechnology to the strong anti-Drexler soft nanotechnology blogs, my favorite of which belongs to a former Lecturer and supervisor of mine from last year, at Sheffield University, Richard Jones' Soft Machines. But now there's something new caught my attention, struggling against these more senior writers for readers on the information super highway, are a group of students from the University of South Carolina. In there new venture, News from the Bottom, a pun on the famous Feynman lecture of 1959, they attempt to give the students of nanotechnology an easy rout to publicising there thoughts and feelings on the future of Nanotechnology, particularly

"epistemological, historical,professional, ethical, legal, and societal implications of nanotechnology and converging technologies."

Although most of the articles are relatively short, they do make for some interesting reading. Written in part by non-scientists they make, I believe, a refreshing addition to the web-based Nanotechnology debate.
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